Pay It Forward Points Program

We love our volunteers, so much so that we are willing to give them free stuff!

All volunteers can accrue “Pay It Forward” (PIF) points for every hour they volunteer. Volunteers can earn points and turn them in on discounts for a race, ride or for merchandise. A great way for teams, clubs and organizations to volunteer together!

Program Details

Earn 2 points for every hour worked with a minimum of a 4 hour shift. You must complete our shift to earn your points.
All volunteers must check in with the Volunteer Coordinator or the Volunteer Check in booth at each event scheduled for, volunteers also must check out to guarantee the correct points awarded.
Register as a “Captain” and earn double points for the event hours worked.
“PIF” points can be transferred, but only used once. A bi-annual email will be sent to volunteers updating total points accrued.
Minors can earn “PIF” points as well as request a letter for Community Service for hours worked for their schools.

10 points = $5.00 value 60 points = $30.00 value
20 points = $10.00 value 70 points = $35.00 value
30 points = $15.00 value 80 points = $40.00 value
40 points = $20.00 value 90 points = $45.00 value
50 points = $25.00 value 100 points = $50.00 value

Volunteer Policies

All minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during their shift.
Volunteers can participate in our “non-timed” events for free once their shift is completed – leave early and no free ride!
All volunteers per event will receive a “volunteer” t-shirt and for shifts over 5 hours, a meal will be provided.
We will also do our best to provide free parking and entrance fees at all of our events.