Understanding Rental Bond Loans In NSW

In Australia, when renting a house or establishment, property managers usually ask for a bond loan. The latter is an additional cost that most renters are usually not prepared for and do not understand.

Simply put, a rental bond is a certain amount of money the tenant need to pay ahead of time to the landlord. The money is held in trust, and offers some protection to the property manager in the event the renter damages the property or does not pay the lease.

How much to pay for a rental bond?

Depending on which state of Australia you are leasing in, each has their guidelines regarding how much rental bond a property manager can charge. The rule of thumb involves multiplying the weekly rental quantity by four. So, if you are leasing a property for $500 weekly, the bond will be $2000.

Before you pay your rental bond, make sure that you obtain and understand the following:


Make sure you sign a primary rental bond document, which will get lodged with the bond, to the appropriate state government office or banks. You likewise should guarantee you get an invoice as proof that you have paid the bond.


Know what your landlord expects of you when you are inhabiting in the rental property and also when you leave. By understanding rental bonds and other terms of the lease, you and your landlord can steer clear of problems in the future and create a pleasant experience for both parties.

What if I cannot pay for the rental bond?

Having no money to pay for a rental bond is more common than you think and there are lending firms like “Direct Finance Loans” eager to assist you with such problems. These lenders understand that coming up with the amount of a rental bond can be challenging and can offer you loan terms that will help spread out the payments which mean less of a dent on your finances.
Would you like to learn more about rental bond loans? Check out websites like http://directfinanceloans.com.au/getting-approved-for-a-bond-loan-in-nsw-with-bad-credit/ . They ought to be able to tell you everything that you need to know about getting such a loan.

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