Different Types of Corporate Parties

All work and no play can make employees a rather dull group, don’t you think? Depending on the type of company you are part of, there might be room to hold a couple of corporate parties, get-togethers or picnics throughout the year. If you should be in charge of organizing and planning this delicate task, there are plenty of ways to approach this responsibility. When it comes to the many types of corporate party themes you might come across, which ones sound like a good fit for your office? Below you will find a few popular corporate party occasions and ideas to consider:

Christmas: Many corporate offices hold a Christmas party with spiced eggnog, mistletoe, and the lighting of a modest tree. Some associations even participate in a Secret Santa gift exchange, which makes sure no one leaves the party empty handed. When planning this sort of corporate party, decorations really come in handy with food coming in a close second. If you don’t feel comfortable planning a holiday party with religious affiliations, New Years Eve celebrations offer employees a fun opportunity to watch the ball drop amongst co-workers.

Celebrating an Accomplishment: Perhaps the company has landed a much sought after client and it’s time to reward the hard work of everyone involved. Maybe the office has exceeded company expectations, increased productivity to exceptional levels, or won an award; all of these accomplishments are reasons to hold a corporate party. A little unwinding after a rewarding achievement is just the thing to strengthen the bond between employer and employees.

Picnics: Since family is a big part of the lives of employees, it is a good idea to provide outlets showing that outside-of-the-job commitments are recognized and respected. Holding a picnic where families get a chance to mingle with one another is a great way to further build the connection between company members. To make it a holiday themed party for the outdoors, choose yearly occasions such as Easter or 4th of July to plan your event. Some ideas to consider for these approaches may include Easter Egg Hunts for the kiddies or a small display of Independence Day fireworks.

Professional and Stylish Embroidered catering Uniform Can Bring Business Benefits

Most of us go to hotels and restaurants, and would have noticed the catering wear worn by waiters, chefs and counter service persons. We might also have been impressed with the stylishly embroidered catering wear, bearing the insignia of the establishment in a tasteful manner, worn by the staff of star-rated establishments.

Catering wear that is always neat and crisp creates a favorable impression about the standards of cleanliness the establishment observes. If the clothes are dirty and crumpled, customers might begin to wonder at the quality of the food served. Even if the food is tasty, they might not feel all that comfortable about its hygienic aspects.

Even more than quick service, it might be the quality and cleanliness of the catering wear that can influence the impressions of catering establishment ‘s customers. Even if the food comes a little late, they might not really mind; but if they feel the food is not hygienically prepared, they might never return.

Embroidering the catering wear tastefully not only adds to the overall impression; it can have business benefits in the form of better employee identification with the establishment.

Typical Embroidered Catering Wear

What exactly constitute embroidered catering wear? The list below will give an idea of the requirements.

The primary wear consist of jackets for waiters and chefs that are comfortable and easy to work in

Trousers that usually have elasticated draw cord waists or side waste bands

Bib and waist aprons that serve to protect the primary wear and keep them clean

The clothing should meet the food industry hygiene regulations

The material used should protect the clothes from heat and stains, and should remain free of wrinkles

The material should also be durable enough to avoid frequent replacement

The embroidery should be professional and stylish, and done in a way to help create brand awareness

What is the Importance of Stylish and Professional Catering wear?

One major objective is to impress customers. They tend to be impressed with the stylish work wear worn by the catering staff of an establishment.

Another important objective is staff morale. Catering staff would definitely be happy with work wear that are both stylish, and professionally designed to make working and movement easy. Uniforms also identify a team. Stylish work wear can make the workers feel proud of being part of the team, and lead to better team spirit.

Things like these can make a noticeable impact on business results.


Embroidered catering wear that are always clean and crisp tend to tend to impress customers, and also create an impression of cleanliness. For catering establishments, an aura of cleanliness and hygienic practices is all-important. Catering wear can help create or destroy customer confidence about food quality.

In addition to impressing customers, stylish and professional catering wear can help inculcate a sense of pride and team spirit among employees.

Ten Easy Tips To Cater Your Own Bridal Shower

Planning a bridal shower can be frustrating, especially if you are planning on catering the event yourself. When you are getting ready to host a shower, it is important to take some time for planning and relax. Bridal showers should be a fun time to socialize with friends and family and should not cause stress. Here are ten easy tips to keep you sane when you host and cater a bridal shower.

Number of guests: When you get ready to host a bridal shower, the guest list will determine just about everything about the bridal shower. Work with the bride, or if you are planning on a co-ed shower, talk with the couple. Find out ahead of time, before you begin planning, how many guests they want to invite. The number of guests will tell you where you can have the shower and how many you need to plan for. You might find it necessary to rent tables, chairs and serving platters or plates depending on the number of guests.

Time of day: Another tip for catering a bridal shower by yourself is to determine what time of the day the shower will be held. This can be a huge help when you are planning for food. For example, a brunch will be easier to plan than a shower that is held late in the evening when a dinner is expected. In addition, if you hold a shower in the late afternoon, you will not be expected to cater a large meal. You can plan for simple fare, such as fruit and finger sandwiches. Decide in advance what time of day the shower will be held and it will help keep you sane during the planning process.

Budget: Before sending out any invitations, know your budget. If you are on a limited budget, know what you can spend and stick to it. It will not be fun if you overspend and are left with a huge credit card bill after the shower. Let your bride know your budget and work together to plan a shower. It is possible to plan an elegant shower without spending a lot of money.

Plan ahead and ask the bride: Planning well in advance is the key in hosting a bridal shower. After you have talked with the bride and set a date, you can begin making preparations. If you plan on catering the event, never wait until the last minute. Delaying can cause a lot of stress. Instead, use an event planner or a notebook to record all the of the bridal shower details. Remember that a shower usually takes at least eight weeks to plan, so give yourself plenty of time to make necessary preparations. When you cater the event, know beforehand how many guests you will serve and if there are food allergies or other preferences, such as the bride being a vegetarian. Make detailed shopping lists and know what you will need to buy before going to the grocery store.

Make ahead and get help: Catering a bridal shower can be easier if you know what you are serving in advance and prepare dishes ahead of time. If you are serving casserole dishes, look into making them a couple of weeks before the party and then freezing the items. You can also do this for certain desserts and appetizers. The night before the party is a great time to cut fruits and vegetables, decorate a cake and make finger foods. Making food ahead of time will help cut down on the amount of stress on the day of the bridal shower. Also, consider getting help from others when you plan to cater a shower. It is perfectly acceptable to host a potluck style buffet where everyone brings their favorite dish. You can also enlist help from close friends or family members to help you cook and prepare dishes.

Theme: If you have a theme for the shower, such as brunch, co-ed barbeque or girl’s day at the spa, you can prepare dishes to fit the theme. This will make planning easier and everyone will know what to expect. Having a theme can also help you choose decorations and tableware with ease.

Keep it simple and relax: These are two tips you should remember when planning a bridal shower. Most guests will not remember the lavish dishes it took you all day to prepare. Instead, they will remember the time they spent visiting with the bride. Keep the menu simple and everyone will enjoy the shower and you will not become stressed. Last of all, remember to relax. Take a deep breath and have fun. Do not ruin the shower by obsessing over every last detail. Have a good time and your guests will, too.